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Blogs? Those are so pre-2020, aren't they?

Those that know me, know I'm funny ... and oh so humble, too <rimshot>. For those of you yet to meet me, please know the following (and title) is (are) very much and entirely an attempt at humor - all the way to the end. Okay here we go:

I will endeavor to bring more blog posts in the future, to you my fair readers, but for now I'm going to blame my lack of blogging on








Sure, we'll start there - in my next post. For now, as with all other things in life that one might find one's self not wanting (or able) to do, I'm blaming Covid for my lack of blogging ... and the fact that it's a beautiful, sunny Saturday on the Lost Coast! So, I'm going to get out there and enjoy all the Redwood Empire has to offer. Hmmm, maybe a quick jaunt at the headwaters for a shaded walk before taking in the afternoon rays down by the water at an as yet to be determined location as the places from which to pick are myriad - oh, the choices!

Take care y'all and much aloha,


Wait ... y'all and aloha?? Yes. I grew up in San Francisco, graduated high school and managed commercial real estate in the north bay, moved on to become a CMT in Makawao, Hawaii, was a project coordinator in Galveston, Texas, and am very happy to be back in NorCal living and raising a family here in Humboldt ~ life's fun! If we haven't met yet and you are in need of empirical real estate services from the _tongue (firmly) in cheek_ "Redwood Empress," I very much look forward to impressing you with my knowledge and service oriented approach. Love where you live ... I know I do! <3

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